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Juvenile Law

The Trusted Juvenile Attorney for Your Child in San Bernardino County & Riverside County

When your child has been arrested and charged with a crime in San Bernardino County, you understandably may be devastated. Juvenile law can be complex, but you can rest assured that our juvenile attorney at Pico & Pico Attorneys at Law will be the strong legal advocate that your child needs. Our lawyer is certified in this area of the law, and this extensive knowledge will be advantageous to you. The juvenile justice system is rooted in the rehabilitation of the minor rather than in punishment, and you need an attorney who will help your child to receive the most advantageous outcome.

Juvenile law can be complex, and your child’s future may be dependent on your lawyer’s understanding of this area of the law. Our attorney will always provide you and your child with personalized, transparent service. Compassion, diligence, and responsiveness are focal points in the service that we deliver. We will take time to understand the specific details of your child’s case and will gather all relevant evidence. As your child’s advocate, we will give the case the full attention that it requires and will work for the best outcome available under the law for the child.

Your Juvenile Lawyers in the Inland Empire Who Stand by You Throughout the Process

Whether your child has been charged with a crime, has been expelled because of excessive delinquencies, or is facing any other legal issues, their future may be in jeopardy. Our juvenile lawyer at Pico & Pico Attorneys at Law in the Inland Empire area understand the nuances of these areas of the legal system, including the particulars of probation and other corrective measures. Whether the case is presented in front of a judge or a panel, we will work toward a solution that is in the child’s best interest.

Regardless of the type of juvenile law issue that your child is dealing with, reach out to our attorney to explore options for your case through a free consultation. Call and schedule your consultation today so that our team can begin building your child’s defense.

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